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As we get older, it is important to monitor and maintain our oral health. Certain dental problems that may start to develop with old age can be prevented or fixed with the right treatment and care from dental professionals. In order to prevent further complications, there are certain measures to consider to keep your dental health in check.

Why Dental Care is Important for Seniors

People aged 60 and above experience certain issues related to dental health. As serious as these issues are to any person, they can be particularly dangerous for seniors.

Studies show that 17% of senior citizens age 65 and above are prone to periodontal disease also known as the infection of the gums around the teeth.

Fortunately there are a lot of dental services for seniors provided by the best dental clinics. With the right dental care, seniors can overcome oral problems easily.

Common Dental Problems for Seniors   

There are a lot of dental issues that can occur at all ages, but some can happen  more frequently with seniors.

  • Tooth Decay: As you grow older, your teeth grow with you. Old age may lead to tooth decay which may cause the teeth to break down and be easily infected.
  • Tooth Loss: Seniors often experience tooth loss because old age can sometimes lead to gum disease.
  • Bad Breath: Gum and teeth infection can cause more bacteria to grow inside the mouth, which will lead to bad breath.
  • Decaying Root: Often caused by receding gums, this can be prevented with regular dental checkups and cleaning.

In order to maintain a good dental health, here are 5 dental tips for seniors:

1. Floss Regularly   

Daily flossing of the teeth is highly recommended for seniors because it is the most effective way to get rid of any food residue between the teeth. Regular flossing is healthy and prevents infections caused by bacteria and decay. Seniors may sometimes have a hard time using dental floss. This can easily be solved with a dental floss holder or floss picks.

2. Use Mouthwash   

Mouthwash is one of the best ways to keep a clean mouth. However, some rinse can be a little extreme and may negatively affect the pH balance in the mouth and cause dryness. People age 60 and older are prone to experiencing dry mouth more frequently.

Dentists for senior citizens advise limiting mouthwash use. When you really need to wash your mouth after meals or before bed, you can rinse with water for an alcohol-free cleaning.

3.  Steer Clear from Tobacco   

In making sure that seniors receive the utmost dental care, it is vital that they avoid tobacco as much as possible. Smokers have a higher risk of developing gum infection and mouth disease compared with nonsmokers. Aside from all of the negative side effects tobacco has for your mouth, it can also weaken your overall physical health.

The more tobacco you consume, the greater risk you will have of getting dental infections. Seniors and dental care should always come together in order to have a healthier lifestyle. Smoking tobacco, whether you use cigarettes, cigars, pipes, or vapes, is dangerous and risky for your health.

4.  Monitor Dental Side Effects for Any Drug   

If you are under any sort of medication, it is important to make sure that the drugs you are prescribed will not have any negative effect on your dental health. There are certain medications that can cause dental issues such as dry mouth.

Dry mouth is not a simple dental condition; it may lead to dangerous dental health problems such as increased tooth decay and gum disease. If a new medication is prescribed, always remember to ask your dentist whether it will be the best medication for you. Always remember to report any issue or odd changes to your dentist immediately.

5.  Drink Water and Avoid Soda   

Drinking water is the most effective and affordable way to keep your health in check. Drinking a lot of water in a day may boost your immune system and maintain your oral health. Drinking too many sugary drinks and sodas will cause acidity to develop in the mouth and may lead to cavities and tooth loss.

By choosing water instead of soda, your body will gain more health benefits than you can imagine. Dentists for senior citizens recommend rinsing all the bacteria and bad acid from your mouth and replacing it with water to ensure good dental health.

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