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Can I Get a Full Mouth Dental Implants?

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Missing a good set of teeth doesn’t mean all hope is lost for you to show off a radiant smile. Bring back your confidence with the help of full mouth dental implants.

A full mouth dental implant is an alternative dental procedure to dentures. Apart from being a hassle-free and comfortable replacement, this type of implant dramatically changes people’s lives. It restores the quality of their life, renewing their self-esteem and enabling them to eat and socialize with other people.

They come in handy in a lot of situations. For one, full dental implants help people who lost their teeth due to dental concerns like gum disease, extensive tooth decay, and chronic teeth grinding.

If you are missing most or even all of your teeth, consider replacing them with artificial teeth through full dental implants.

Full Dental Implants: What Are They?

Full dental implants use four implant placement points for a lasting full-arch restoration. They replace the natural teeth lost and the roots, allowing artificial teeth to stay in place longer than bridges or dentures.

It consists of titanium implants that have a distinct ability to fuse into the living bone and serve as a strong, long-term foundation for your new set of teeth.

Instead of having dental implants placed for each replacement tooth, full mouth dental implants consist of a set of teeth supported by several dental implants embedded in the jawbone. More specifically, it requires four implants on the upper mouth and another four on the bottom to create an entire restoration arch for a beautiful smile.

This procedure is applicable for full-mouth restoration in people who suffer from losing most, if not all, of their teeth. Apart from having implants secured permanently for bone fusion, full dental implants prevent future bone loss in the jaw. They effectively maintain a more youthful facial structure and improve oral health.

Types of Full Mouth Dental Implants

Note that full dental implants are frequently referred to by different names, as different full mouth procedures exist.

Below are the major restoration styles used for full mouth dental implants:

1. Implant-Supported Dentures

Regular dentures usually offer an uncomfortable and loose fit that may feel unsettling. However, this is not the case for implant-supported dentures. These specialized dentures attach to dental implants and provide more support than conventional dentures at a lesser cost.

However, they have a looser fitting than other full dental implants and require more frequent maintenance.

2. Zirconia Full Arch

Zirconium Dioxides, or simply Zirconia, are newly-developed dental and medical material, acting as a durable and biocompatible metal like titanium, only with a similar porcelain ceramic color. If you’re looking for a long-lasting, naturally-looking smile, opt for this option.

3. All-On-Four

From the name itself, this dental technique uses four dental implants placed into your gums. All-On-Four implants are permanently affixed to your jaw, acting more like natural teeth in the sense of aesthetics and function.

How Do Full Mouth Implants Work?

There are three primary tooth materials that you can choose from: zirconia, porcelain, or acrylic. Since each material works differently, make sure to discuss your treatment options with an oral surgeon or an implant specialist to arrive at the best dental solution for full mouth dental implants.

If needed, you may need to have your jaw prepared for an implant with bone graft surgery. After healing from the surgery, your dentist can make arrangements for your implant placement.

On the day of surgery, any remaining teeth will be extracted. Afterward, four dental implants will be affixed with the proper position and angle.

Each implant screw will be positioned to the jawbone before the overdenture or bridge is placed. The procedure also requires four abutments to fix the dental bridge.

Lastly, your dentist will fit crowns, bridges, or dentures onto the implants.

Can You Get a Full Mouth of Implants?

The best candidates for full dental implants are people who have lost teeth along the dental ridge of their mouth. Since this type of dental implant requires one or several minor surgeries, one should also be in good health.

A prospective patient should also have a jawbone structure with sufficient natural bone and gum tissue to anchor and support dental implants. During the treatment plan, they should also commit to proper care and oral hygiene, such as brushing and flossing daily.

Lastly, patients should have good oral health to heal quickly. To determine your readiness, your dentist may need to examine your mouth and take a complete medical history before continuing with the implant procedure.

How Much Are Full Mouth Dental Implants?

The average cost of full mouth dental implants is around $12,000 to $25,000 per jaw, which is less expensive than $40,000 from traditional implants.

Three primary factors can affect the costs of these dental implants, and these are:

  1. Your Location: Different areas mean differences in living costs, which could inevitably affect how much your implants cost. For instance, the West Coast has a relatively higher cost of living than several East Coast areas. Therefore, dental implants can be more expensive on the West Coast. In addition, cities have more expensive full dental implants compared to suburbs or smaller towns.
  2. Materials Used: Dentists can make implants using various types of materials. Depending on what you choose, the cost for full mouth dental implants can be higher or lower.
  3. Dentist’s Experience Level: Seasoned dentists may typically charge more compared to new dentists in the field.

Full mouth dental implants, compared to other types of implants, are not cheap. Patients use their dental insurance to help with the cost. Some of these insurance plans can cover up to 50% of major restorative procedures, including dental implants. For these instances, see a professional insurance provider who has experience with full dental implants.

Schedule an Appointment for Full Dental Implants

Full mouth dental implants are versatile solutions to restore your smile’s health and aesthetics. With proper care applied to your implants, they can last for a lifetime.

Enjoy your smile to the fullest at Century Dental! With our dentists in St. Pete Beach, FL, you won’t have to worry about showing off your best smile. Whether you are missing a tooth or several of them, we offer the best implant dentistry procedures to help you achieve a beautiful, naturally-looking smile.

For inquiries and appointments, call (727) 367-3313 or email [email protected] today!

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