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The goal of our team of dentists is for our patients to approach dental health with comfort and enthusiasm; we are dedicated to creating an environment where you will feel welcomed and excited to pursue dental well-being.

Our entire team, especially our dentists in St. Pete Beach, FL, focuses on improving the overall experience of our patients whenever possible. We understand that stepping inside a dental office can be overwhelming–terrifying, even. Our friendly dentists and staff will make sure you are comfortable during your dental appointment. We also welcome patients throughout St. Pete Beach, Pasadena, and other Florida communities.

Our dentist in St. Pete Beach, FL, puts the best effort into connecting with patients. Our goal is to make sure our patients are comfortable and relaxed every time they visit the office for a more positive and encouraging experience. If you have questions or concerns, contact us. We will gladly assist you.

CD Philosophy of Care

Dentist St. Pete Beach: Philosophy of Care

John H. Penny, Jr., DDS, Abdullah M. Allawnha, DDS, and the rest of the team believe in the importance of preventive care. Keeping patients in good oral health helps them live a full, healthy, and enjoyable life.

Our seasoned St. Pete Beach dentists in Century Dental provide quality dental healthcare founded on compassion, honesty, and integrity. Our 40 years of service have helped us build our knowledge and put our expertise into practice.

We educate our patients on good oral health.

Our team of dentists helps maintain our patients’ dental health, even at home. We commit ourselves to sharing essential knowledge with our patients to establish good dental habits between regular dental visits. Recent studies have proven that good oral health affects not just the teeth; it also improves self-esteem, speech, nutrition, and overall quality of life.

Aside from giving patients tips on brushing and flossing, our St. Pete Beach dentists also recommend a healthy diet consisting of lean protein, nuts, fruits, green leafy vegetables, and dairy products. Eating these foods, along with drinking plenty of water, helps your teeth stay healthy and strong. Our dentists always encourage and educate our patients to make these dental practices part of their everyday lives to achieve optimal oral health.

We listen to our patients.

Our St. Pete Beach dentist also understands the importance of listening to our patients. It helps us develop a treatment plan based on our patient’s unique dental needs, goals, and lifestyles.

We believe in preventive care.

Regular check-ups, routine x-rays, and diagnostic exams are just some of the other preventive care services we at Century Dental provide. These aim to promote good oral health. At the same time, these help catch problems while they are at the early stages, making them easier to treat.

Our seasoned dentists in St. Pete Beach, FL, in Century Dental provide quality dental healthcare founded on compassion, honesty, and integrity. Our 40 years of service helped us build our knowledge and put our expertise into practice.

St. Pete Beach Dentists Care About Your Dental Health

Our dentist St. Pete Beach, FL, is always ready to provide our patients with care and prevent dental health problems that come with age. We understand our patients’ dental needs change with time and that every patient requires a unique approach.

Dentist St. Pete Beach, FL, in Century Dental utilizes advanced technologies, comfortable and relaxing dental settings, and quality care to provide top-notch treatment that addresses our patients’ dental health needs.

Some of the services we offer include:

1. Teeth Restoration

Aging brings new challenges to dental health; our St. Pete Beach dentist is here to help our patients keep a healthy set of teeth for a lifetime. One way we do this is by providing restorative solutions to our patients. The National Center for Health Statistics reports that more than 1 in 4 adults have untreated tooth decay in the United States.

Our dentists St. Pete Beach, FL, can restore damaged teeth and make them look and feel natural. We also offer regular cleaning, dental fillings, dentures, and implants. We aim to preserve as much of your natural teeth as possible; nothing beats the real thing.

2. Preventive Care

Our team of dentists also addresses gum disease and tooth loss. Records show that the prevalence of complete tooth loss increases with age. As we grow older, our teeth become weaker and more prone to infections. By conducting regular dental exams, our team of dentists can help seniors reduce the risk of teeth falling out.

3. Invisalign

Another problem often encountered is misaligned teeth. These often cause many problems in the future; we recommend having them checked by our dentist St. Pete Beach, FL. We also provide Invisalign to help address these misalignments. They are comfortable, easy to maintain, and discreet. Ask our dentists about it to see if you can avail of these services.

4. Teeth Whitening

Gone are the days when you have to worry about discolored teeth. We also offer teeth whitening services. Sometimes, at-home whitening products are not enough. In-office treatments are one of the best ways to achieve a brighter smile. We also offer Zoom Whitening. Get that much-needed confidence boost for a better quality of life.

CD Good Oral Health

5. Sedation Dentistry

If dental visits make you feel anxious, don’t fret; our dentists and friendly staff are experienced in handling your anxiety and fears. If it’s going to help you relax, we’ll also explain what you should expect from your visit, how the procedures happen, and what they will do for your oral health.

We also offer sedation dentistry. This doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be put to sleep. Patients are still mostly awake–just more relaxed and less anxious. Sleepiness, however, is a common side effect of sedatives. We have different types of sedatives, from oral ones to IV sedation. Our dentists will discuss these options to determine which one will work best for you. Make sure to bring a companion with you should you ever decide to avail of this service. Some of our sedatives are given the night before the appointment, which can make driving dangerous.

When Should You Visit?

St. Pete Beach dentist warns patients not to wait until they experience symptoms to visit a dentist. Early detection and treatment are essential to reduce pain and possible complications.

Visit your Dentist St. Pete Beach if you notice any of these symptoms:

  • Bleeding or swollen gums
  • Irritation or tender areas in the mouth for two weeks
  • Sensitivity and pain when eating hot or cold food
  • Chronic halitosis or bad breath
  • Damaged teeth

If a high fever and facial swelling accompany these symptoms, call for emergency dental treatment or visit our dentist St. Pete Beach, FL, as soon as possible.

Visit Our Dental Office in St. Pete Beach, FL

Are you looking for the best dentist in St. Pete Beach, FL, who provides high-quality, painless, and comfortable dental care? Look no further than Century Dental.

We’ll make sure to show you all the alternatives and options available for you to help you decide what’s best for your dental health. We also discuss all available payment plans and treatment costs. We’ll gladly assist you with insurance claims and paperwork that will ensure you get the most out of your insurance plan.

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