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Dentists are genuinely our smile superheroes who guard our teeth against cavities, tooth decay, and plaque. Every year, March 6 is celebrated all over the United States as National Dentist’s Day to show gratitude and appreciation for all dentists. It’s also an excellent opportunity to raise awareness about dentistry, help people care for their teeth better, and encourage people to get a checkup if they are avoiding it.

Why Should We Show Appreciation For Our Dentists?

It’s important to remember that our dental health is integral to our overall wellness. National Dentist’s Day is a great opportunity to show your gratitude for your dentist’s hard work in keeping our teeth and the rest of our body health safe.

Why exactly should we be thankful and greet them with a Happy National Dentist Day?

1. Dentists keep you healthy.

Oral health can significantly affect our whole well-being; it’s more than just keeping our teeth cavity-free and preventing gum disease. Research has demonstrated a link between oral health and overall health; whatever happens in the mouth can affect the rest of the body. Experts consider oral problems to be a global burden.

Tooth decay and gum disease cause pain, tooth loss, and decrease one’s self-confidence. If not immediately addressed, these issues can also lead to malnutrition and speech problems.
Dentists work hard to protect your health; they deserve a greeting on National Dentist Day. They help you avoid these problems by teaching you how to take good care of your teeth at home and with procedures in their clinic. They also treat sleep apnea, detect oral cancer, prevent respiratory and cardiovascular diseases, and help you eat a healthier diet.

2. Dentists prevent serious dental problems.

Regular dental checkups allow dentists to monitor or check for cavities and periodontal disease. They also perform regular cleaning to keep your teeth free from caries or plaque buildups. They also use sealants, crowns, fillings, inlays, and onlays to restore your damaged teeth and protect them from further damage.

Dentists also extract teeth if necessary, especially in cases where teeth are overcrowded or damaged beyond repair. They can replace these lost teeth with implants or dentures, depending on what better suits your needs.

3. Dentists relieve pain.

One of the reasons people visit the dentist’s office is toothaches. Dentists relieve toothaches in different ways, depending on the cause. If cavities are causing the pain, they may extract it or fill it, depending on its severity. If the pain is due to your wisdom tooth pushing against another tooth, they may perform minor surgery to remove it.

They may also perform a root canal if the cause of your pain is an infected teeth nerve. They will perform or recommend teeth cleaning and periodontal therapy if there’s something stuck between your teeth that’s causing the pain.

Dentists also prevent you from feeling pain during treatments using different anesthetic techniques that help make procedures more bearable.

4. Dentists help boost your confidence.

Dental problems can lead to lower self-esteem and confidence. Missing, chipped, crooked, or discolored teeth tend to make anyone more conscious of their appearance and affect how they interact with others.

Dentists provide solutions to most of these problems. They can also whiten your teeth in the office and will advise you how to keep them from discoloring. They also cover up chips and cavities to improve your teeth’s appearance using veneers, inlays, onlays, and bridges. Are your teeth crooked? Dentists can correct them using braces or Invisalign.

5. Dentists encourage good oral hygiene.

Good oral hygiene is the best way to prevent or solve most dental problems. The best place to get information and instructions about oral hygiene is at the dental office. They can teach you how to brush your teeth properly and advise you on what to eat and avoid to keep your teeth and gums healthy. They can even do this using dental apps and technology.

They are also the best people to consult about procedures and products to improve your oral health and prevent gum disease and cavities. Aside from regular checkups and cleaning, they also use fluoride to protect your teeth from dental caries. They also make sure patients feel comfortable during their checkups and treatments. This helps them engage, relate, and motivate their patients about their oral health.

Ways to Show Appreciation on Dentist Appreciation Day

Celebrate National Dentist’s Day and say “Thank you, dentist and dental care team” by:

1. Posting About Them on Social Media

If you’re lucky enough to be at the dental clinic on National Dentist’s Day, take a photo with them and the entire team. Upload a selfie or a picture of you smiling and tag your dentist on your Instagram or Facebook Page. Don’t forget to use the hashtag: #NationalDentistsDay.

2. Scheduling an Appointment on Dentist Appreciation Day

Book a dental appointment on National Dentist’s Day to ensure your gums and teeth are in good health or show them how much your oral health and habits have improved with their help.

3. Showing off Your Beautiful Smile

Smile while greeting your dentist a Happy National Dentist Day! Showoff the pearly whites that you and your dentist worked hard on. Smiles can make someone’s day more pleasant or help you to start your day.

Smiling is also good for your health. Did you know that smiling can help strengthen your immune system? It increases dopamine levels in the body, which triggers an increase in the number of natural killer cells and antibodies in the blood.

4. Keeping up With Your Daily Oral Care Regimen

Brush your teeth twice and floss daily to keep them clean and healthy. Dentists often remember patients who neglect their oral health. Nothing says “Happy National Dentist Day” than showing your dentist the positive changes you have made in your oral health regimen. Your dentist will be so proud of you.

5. Educating People About the Importance of Regular Dental Visits

Raising awareness is another excellent way to celebrate National Dentist’s Day. Teach children a new song about brushing teeth using a colorful toothbrush, or encourage family and friends to visit a dentist. The American Dental Association reports that in 2021, 9.9% of Americans don’t intend to visit the dentist in the next year. Anxiety about visiting the dentist is also a top concern. Encouraging them and helping them with their fears does a great service for their oral health.

Gift Ideas for National Dentist Day

Here’s a compilation of fun and thoughtful gift ideas to give your dentist and dental team on National Dentist’s Day:

Fun Dental Merch

You’re sure to bring a smile to the faces of your dentist and care team with socks, keychains, bowties, and shirts featuring a dental theme. Dental pins are a cute accessory to add to their scrubs. A molar-shaped mug to drink tea or coffee from is also a great idea.

Dental Bling

Everyone loves a little sparkle —even your dentist! Tooth-themed pendants or charms will bring a smile to everyone on your dental care team. This is a great gift to commemorate National Dentist Day.

Fruit Baskets

Most fruits and vegetables are good for your teeth. Why not buy a basket of strawberries, kiwi, apples, and other fruits with a card that says “Thank you, dentist!” for your dental team? They’ll appreciate your thoughtfulness and health-consciousness.

Vintage Plaques

This is the type of “plaque” that your dentist will really appreciate. Customize some vintage wooden plaques with your dentist’s name that they can proudly display in their waiting room or office door.

Sweets and Pastries

Sweets and dentists don’t usually go together, but we think it’s safe to say that they appreciate still having some. To show your appreciation, bake or customize cookies that are tooth-shaped or buy a cake that says “Happy National Dentist Day” and other sweet treats.

Celebrate Dentist Appreciation Day With Us!

Set an appointment for better oral health today.

Century Dental’s dentists in Madeira Beach, FL, are always available to provide all of your dental needs. National Dentist’s Day or not, we’re happy to take care of your oral health.

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