Top-Quality Dental Implants in Madeira Beach, FL

Tooth loss is inevitable. It commonly happens to people of old age and those who have bad oral habits or practice poor dental hygiene. If you’ve been considering full mouth dental implants in Madeira Beach, FL, but you’re still unsure if you should get them, we’re here to enlighten you.

Century Dental has years of experience in providing full mouth and mini dental implants in Madeira Beach, FL. We know that not all patients know about or are open to the idea of having dental implants. However, if you’re missing one or more teeth, our dentists at Century Dental will highly recommend it.

If you or someone you know needs a little more convincing with regards to getting mini or full mouth dental implants, we’ve listed a few of the benefits you can get:

Dental Implants Prevent Bone Loss.

When your teeth are not well-taken care of, the chances of tooth loss are high. It is essential to replace any missing teeth to prevent bone loss in your jaw. Your jaw needs all the stimulation it can get.

When you don’t have teeth in certain parts of your mouth, your jaw doesn’t get stimulated, resulting in the loss of bone mass. If you’re worried about this, our dentists at Century Dental are more than willing to discuss your options with you.

Dental Implants Prevent Changes in Your Appearance.

Your teeth and your jaw bone support and maintain the shape of your face. If you fail to have your missing teeth checked and replaced by dental professionals, your face shape will change over time. You’ll appear much older.

If you want to maintain your youthful appearance, getting dental implants is necessary. Century Dental offers affordable dental implants in Madeira Beach, FL. You don’t have to worry about your face losing its shape.

CD Top-Quality Dental Implants in Madeira Beach, FL

Dental Implants Won’t Affect Your Speech.

Dental implants aren’t the only solution for missing teeth. You might have considered dentures, too. However, one advantage of getting implants is they won’t affect your speech. Dentures need some getting used to and you might find it difficult to pronounce some words at first.

You won’t have to go through that with dental implants. They’re not as noticeable as dentures. Dental implants feel more natural and function just like your real teeth. If you have a job that requires you to converse throughout the day, dental implants are perfect for you.

Dental Implants Provide Support for Your Remaining Teeth.

You might think that losing a tooth will not have any adverse effects on your overall dental health. However, the longer you wait before doing any professional intervention, the worse the situation will get.

Without proper support, your remaining teeth will move and shift to a different position. You’ll have to deal with misalignment of your teeth. When you opt for dental implants, they will fill the gap seamlessly. You’ll be able to enjoy a perfect set of teeth.

If you think dental implants are the solution for you, set an appointment at Century Dental.

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