Let Your Most Confident, Radiant Smile Shine Through. Try Philips Zoom.

Do you want your smile to be healthier and brighter than ever before? You should consider having your teeth whitened. In reality, brushing and rinsing with a mouthwash simply aren’t good enough to clean up plaque, film, and discoloration.

Did you know that there’s one procedure that can tackle all of your teeth bleaching needs in just one visit? Have you heard of Phillips Zoom Laser Whitening? This in-office procedure can effectively lighten discolored teeth within just an hour of application, and we offer it here at Century Dental!

Philips Zoom is popular among celebrities! With that in mind, what exactly is this procedure? What makes it superior to other kits or techniques available in the market?

Philips Zoom makes use of ultraviolet light and the speed of the results differentiates it from other in-office whitening techniques! Its reformulated peroxide gel is also safer and less likely to cause sensitivity, which is a common complaint in many dental whitening procedures.

Let’s discuss this procedure in detail.

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UV Light

The secret behind the huge success of Philips Zoom lies in its gel which absorbs just enough UV light to make your enamel shine with brightness when it’s all done. It works similarly to how you bleach laundry. You make your white shirts whiter through the power of sunlight. The power of UV can do wonders with your teeth as it bathes in the bleaching solution.
CD UV Light

Different Shades of White

Depending on what caused your teeth discoloration, did you know that with Philips Zoom, your teeth can actually get up to 8 shades whiter than their current shade? Yes, you read that right! It is also more dependable than any other home-based whitening products because it is done by a professional. Your dentist knows best and will seldom make mistakes when applying the gel.

Tooth Sensitivity

Many patients would hesitate on pursuing teeth whitening or bleaching procedures because of sensitivity as bleaching also thins out the enamel during the process. In fact, Philips Zoom has also gotten a bad rap over this in the past, but they have since reformulated their gel. Now, Zoom reassures that their process is safer than ever. Philips Zoom is among the few premier dental whitening brands that continue to work hard to push the technology in the right direction when it comes to eliminating possible side effects.

Is Phillips Zoom Right For You?

We can all benefit from teeth whitening, but the results may still vary for every individual because of several factors. Philips Zoom achieves the greatest success in treating stains caused by smoking, aging, and drinking coffee, tea, dark cola, and red wine. If your teeth are grayish because of tetracycline or other chemicals, the results may be less dramatic. At Century Dental, we have professionals like John H. Penny, Jr., DDS, Abdullah M. Allawnha, DDS, who can determine the ideal level of whitening for your individual smile during shade assessment.

A beautiful, whiter smile can give you more confidence and a whole new outlook on life.

Philips Zoom Whitening is definitely worth a try! Contact us today at (727) 367-3313 for a free consultation.