Dental Implant Services: More than Just a Cosmetic Improvement

Dental implants are quickly becoming the preferred solution to tooth loss. They are little titanium screws inserted into your jawbone to replace your tooth root. These implants serve as the foundation of the replacement teeth that will be fixed to resemble your natural teeth. As easy to put in place as they may sound, dental implants require proper planning, and the process might necessitate undergoing other implant services.

At Century Dental, we offer a variety of implant services to help you regain those beautiful white teeth and that radiant smile.

Here are some implant services that we could do for you at Century Dental:

Sinus Lift Augmentation

This procedure is done when your sinuses are enlarged due to the loss of your upper back teeth. Before we can put dental implants in place, a sinus lift augmentation is necessary to relocate the sinus cavity into its original position and to replace the bone that was lost because of the enlarged sinus. The new bone graft might need between nine to twelve months before the dental implants could be placed.
CD Implant Site Development

Autogenous Bone Grafting

In some cases, the strategic areas where dental implants are best placed may not have sufficient bone quantity needed for the implants to be placed. Hence, it becomes imperative to borrow some bone from another area of the mouth, usually from the chin or at the back of the jaw from where your wisdom tooth used to be placed, and graft it to the area without sufficient bone quantity.

Implant Site Development

Most teeth that have been infected need to be removed. The removal may lead to bone loss around the infected tooth. In such cases, apart from removing your teeth, we also do bone grafting so that the area could be ready for the placement of a dental implant at a later time.

Computer-Enhanced Treatment Planning

The secret of dental implants is knowing where to strategically place them to maximize their use. A single strategically placed implant can support a set of replacement teeth. At Century Dental, we use special 3D software to help us determine where your implants would be best located. This is done by examining and evaluating, through the special 3D software, your bone quantity, bone quality, and bone location.

Implant Maintenance

Apart from looking like natural teeth, dental implants must also be treated like natural teeth. They require regular professional cleaning to keep them healthy and to avoid possible infection caused by the accumulation of plaque and tartar. As such, it is important that you continuously visit us so that we can assess the intervals at which professional cleaning should be done.

If you are missing a tooth or several of them, dental implants are the best way to go.

Missing teeth could lead to your jawbone dissolving, since there are no longer any teeth that it needs to support, thereby affecting your facial structure and appearance. Moreover, dental implants are better than conventional bridges or dentures which rely on your adjacent healthy teeth for support, thereby putting undue pressure on your natural teeth. Not only that, dental implants are more stable and give you more comfort while eating and speaking. Visit us at Century Dental today and have your teeth checked for the possibility of getting dental implants!