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Make the right choices for your dental health with the help of the best dentist near Pasadena

As such, it’s vital to build a strong relationship with dental experts and have someone that will guide you and help you achieve optimal dental health. However, with the vast number of dental clinics nowadays, finding the right dentist that can accommodate your dental needs can be a bit of a challenge. Century Dental is your best option.

When visiting Century Dental, we want you to feel safe, relaxed, and welcome, no matter your dental needs. Our experienced dentists near South Pasadena, FL, genuinely care for your dental health and have spent years perfecting their craft to provide you with the best dental experience. We utilize the latest technology and techniques to deliver only the best possible dental care and services.

What We Offer

Every stage of life is associated with specific dental needs. At Century Dental, our South Pasadena dentists offer a variety of dental care and treatments tailored to the medical history, lifestyle habits, and dental goals of our patients.

We offer the services of dentists with extensive experience who are knowledgeable in the latest procedures and technologies. Some of the standard treatment options we provide include:

1. Emergency Dental Care

We encourage our patients not to ignore any medical emergency or attempt to treat dental issues themselves. Before any dental condition worsens, call a dentist near South Pasadena, FL, right away.

At Century Dental, we are always ready to serve your immediate dental needs. You can directly reach out to our care team for emergencies, such as intolerable toothache, bleeding gums, damaged teeth, dental abscess, swollen jaw, broken or loose teeth, or a missing crown.

2. General Dentistry

We help maintain healthy teeth with routine appointments that involve dental checkups, digital x-rays, cleaning, and fluoride treatments. We also address gum disease, which is one of the most prevalent concerns of our patients.

Our dentists near South Pasadena, FL, believe that preventive care is essential to maintaining good oral health. We offer oral cancer screenings and other diagnostic exams that can help detect and prevent dental health issues in the early stages.

3. Cosmetic Dentistry

At Century Dental, we also offer cosmetic solutions to restore damaged teeth. Our cosmetic dentists provide a combination of solutions for aesthetic issues like stained teeth, uneven teeth, teeth gaps, chipped teeth, crooked teeth, and more. Experience the invigorating self-confidence that comes from having a complete and beautiful smile.

4. Dental Implants

Studies have shown that more American adults are prone to losing their teeth as they age. This is due to many factors, including an unhealthy diet, smoking habits, and weakened bone structure.

As we are dedicated to completing your smile, our dentists near South Pasadena, FL, also specialize in a variety of solutions for tooth loss, broken teeth, or any tooth disease requiring tooth extraction and replacement. With dental implants and other implant-supported dentures, your damaged teeth can be salvaged and restored.

Why Choose Century Dental

At Century Dental, we offer comprehensive dental care for our patients. We believe that as people age their lifestyle habits significantly contribute to the development of dental health conditions. Elderly people need dental health conditions addressed immediately with the appropriate treatment interventions.

At Century Dental, we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality of dental care for our patients. Here’s why you can trust our dentists near South Pasadena, FL, for your dental care needs:

1. Comprehensive Dental Solutions

Having the proper training and education, our dentists near South Pasadena specialize in a broad range of dental practices—from general dentistry and restorative procedures to cosmetic solutions. Our 40 years of experience have helped us address different dental conditions in the most appropriate way.

As we dedicate ourselves to maintaining your natural teeth with expertise and up-to-date technology, our dentists develop effective treatment plans for various dental health conditions. Our clinic houses the most advanced equipment and uses the latest techniques to deliver reliable dental services.

We offer painless alignment procedures and effective whitening services, such as Invisalign and Philip Zoom Laser Whitening, designed to improve the appearance of your teeth.

Century Dental believes that dental care doesn’t end with your appointment schedules. Our dentists near South Pasadena, FL, are here to help you maintain optimum dental health during and after your visit to our clinic. We reinforce good dental hygiene to help our patients maintain their healthy and beautiful smiles. 

CD Personalized Care

2. Personalized Care

We understand that adults are more vulnerable to severe dental conditions as they age. Our experienced dentists near South Pasadena cater to the unique needs of all patients, both young and old.

At Century Dental, we understand that one specific treatment does not apply to everyone. We take an interest in each of our patient’s needs, tailor each appointment to their preferences, and offer various treatment options suitable to their current health condition and needs.

During your consultation, our dentists will perform a general dental exam, which often involves a digital x-ray. Dental exams are designed to check the condition of your teeth, find issues that need to be addressed, and decide on what dental procedure will best work for your condition.

3. Stress-Free Dental Visits

At Century Dental, we want you to be at ease during your dental visit. We believe that the best dentists near South Pasadena, FL, make a concerted effort to deal with their patient’s shifting emotions and do their best to help everyone feel comfortable during their appointment.

We understand that some patients fear visiting the dentist. This is why our compassionate team is always there to give assistance and be supportive when our patients feel the pressure of dealing with their dental concerns or fears, anxiety, and stress.

While some procedures are simple and take only a short while, there are also complicated treatments that may span for more than a single visit. It is always a must for our dentists to reassure our patients by telling them what to expect during their appointments.

We’ll help you understand the risks and benefits of your treatment to help make things easier and less stressful for you. If necessary, we also offer sedation dentistry, performed only by experts.

4. Comfortable and Welcoming Setting

At Century Dental, we want you to feel right at home in our warm and welcoming office. We want our patients to approach their dental health with enthusiasm. From the moment you step inside the receiving station until you sit on the dental chair, our friendly South Pasadena dentists and staff will be there to encourage and advise you on how to take care of your teeth better.

Our entire team is committed to giving you the best oral health services, and we do our best to provide the gentlest and most professional dental care possible. Our dentists are passionate about helping patients to have a positive experience during their dental visits.

Our entire team is committed to giving you the best oral health services, and we always strive to provide the gentlest dental care possible. Our dentists in South Pasadena, FL, are passionate about helping patients have a positive experience during their dental visits.

By creating lasting relationships built on empathy and compassion, we positively impact our patients’ outlook on dental health, help them keep their dental routines consistent, and produce better outcomes for their dental treatments.

5. Proper Dental Health Cost Management

Our South Pasadena dentists will make sure you have as much information as possible to make the best decisions for your oral health. Rest assured, we’ll present you with all the possible options or alternatives, up-front cost information, and assistance with your dental insurance.

We want to make it easier for you to receive the dental care you need anytime. Our clinic accepts third-party financing options so you can make the most of your dental appointments without any worries. For information regarding this, you can reach out to our friendly staff.

While insurance benefits may vary by plan, we will help you receive the maximum benefits allowable for your plan. We’ll be working alongside you to process your claims and ensure honest transactions along the way.

We encourage you to visit our website and read through our services to know what to expect from us and the dental treatment options we offer. If you have questions along the way, feel free to ask one of our staff or give us a call. We are more than willing to answer any questions you may have.

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