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Century Dental provides reliable dental care. Our dentists are here to help you get that dazzling Hollywood smile. We understand that every patient has their unique dental needs, so our team of dentists offer a wide range of services, all performed in a clean, convenient, and comfortable environment.

If you are looking for the best dentists near Treasure Island, FL, look no further than Century Dental. We guarantee that you will feel comfortable and confident dealing with your dental health after having experienced the superior dental care we offer.

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Our Treatment Options

As people age, their teeth and gums become susceptible to different dental conditions. It’s for this reason that our dentists near Treasure Island, FL, are dedicated to helping adults and seniors deal with the dental problems that come with aging.

At Century Dental, we focus on helping patients achieve a brilliant smile. We offer gentle, safe, and effective treatment options, including the following:

1. Restorative Solutions

As mentioned, teeth and gums become vulnerable to oral health problems as people age. Some dental conditions that come with aging are tooth decay, severe gum disease, tooth loss, and oral cancer. At Century Dental, we have you covered.

Our well-experienced dentists near Treasure Island, FL, specialize in restorative solutions designed to transform damaged teeth to their original glory. For tooth loss, we can also recommend options, such as dentures and implants. As for some minor problems, we recommend fillings, onlays, inlays, and dental crowns.

2. Orthodontic Care

We emphasize correcting your teeth and jaw positions can help you prevent future dental health issues. For this reason, we also offer orthodontic care for misaligned teeth. We dedicate our expertise and skills to ensuring that your teeth and gums stay healthy.

3. Preventive Care

Our dentists believe in the importance of preventive care. Scheduled dental visits, routine diagnostic exams, regular cleaning, and the other preventive care services that we provide are a big part of maintaining a patient’s oral health. 

We also believe that dental care doesn’t stop after appointments. Dental care should also be observed and practiced at home. Our experienced dentists encourage patients to make good dental hygiene a part of their lifestyle.

Aside from giving professional advice on the proper method of brushing, flossing, and taking care of your dental health, our team of health care staff and dentists are always happy to help patients during their regular visits. We also make sure to connect with patients between their appointments.  

Why Choose Our Dentists near Treasure Island, FL

John H. Penny, Jr., DDS, Abdullah M. Allawnha, DDS, and the rest of our dentists apply their extensive training and years of experience to offer exceptional dental care to all our patients. Here’s what sets us apart:

Years of Experience

Our years of experience in dentistry have helped us gain ample expertise in dental treatments, including implants and Invisalign. With more than four decades’ worth of experience, we have handled numerous different dental conditions. We can provide you with comprehensive solutions for a wide range of dental problems, including tooth cavities, gum diseases, damaged teeth, sensitive teeth, and gum infections.

CD Treasure Island Up To Date Procedures

Up-to-Date Techniques and Procedures

Our dentists near Treasure Island are dedicated to helping you achieve optimum oral health. We constantly update our team on the latest advancements in the dental industry.  

We are passionate about utilizing state-of-the-art devices and implementing the best and latest techniques, as they contribute to the success and quality of our dental services.

Compassionate Service

With our expertise and extensive knowledge in dentistry, we constantly provide compassionate and reliable services to our patients. Our friendly staff and welcoming dentists near Treasure Island, FL, are always willing to listen to your needs. We’re here to give you guidance and encouragement when you find it challenging to maintain your dental health.

We Care for Our Patients

Our team is devoted to creating and nurturing a good relationship with our patients. We are always focused on knowing and understanding our patients and their dental lifestyles. Here’s how we prioritize our patients’ diverse needs:

We make sure our patients are safe and calm.

We often encounter patients with dental anxiety because of their fear of pain, needles, and embarrassment. Dental care should not be a stressful and fearful experience.

At Century Dental, we have a team consisting of health care staff and dentists who are dedicated to ensuring your safety and comfort from the moment you enter our dental office. Our dentists near Treasure Island, FL, are trained to deal with our patients’ dental phobias.

We provide a comfortable and relaxing space.

Century Dental is committed to establishing a comfortable setting for our patients. We make sure that every section of our office, from the interior to the exterior, promotes a sense of comfort, relaxation, and safety.

Our caring team of dentists strictly complies with established safety measures and standard protocols. Our office is regularly cleaned and sterilized, including dental chairs, trays, and other equipment.

We keep our patients informed.

Well-informed patients make better decisions about their oral health and overall well-being. It’s for this reason that we are always willing to explain what to expect during dental appointments.

Our friendly staff and dentists near Treasure Island, FL, will inform you on the best treatment options for your dental health condition, along with the potential risks, benefits, and costs that come with them.

We want you to make the most of your dental appointments, so we encourage you to read through our services. Feel free to contact us with any questions you might have along the way.

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