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What Causes Oral Cancer? Is It Common?

Oral cancer refers to the cancer of the mouth and the throat. It has affected an estimated 53,000 people in the US population. If it is detected early enough, oral cancer will not become life-threatening. Regardless of your age, gender, and status in life, it is crucial for you to be aware of the risks, predisposing factors, and precipitating factors of oral cancer. Sometimes, this type of cancer is found in people with little to no risk factor.

Some of the risk factors are the following:

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Symptoms of Oral Cancer

Oral cancer symptoms may vary depending on a person’s health status and other contributing factors. However, if you recognize any signs of mouth cancer, schedule a checkup with your dentist as soon as possible. Some symptoms are manageable, especially when they are detected early. Expect your dentist to perform an inspection and look closely to see if you have any lumps, thickened skin, or other abnormalities on the parts of your mouth. The earliest signs and symptoms of oral cancer can be detected using the latest innovations in dentistry. It will be time for monitoring machines to work their wonders in promoting optimal oral health.
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The most typical symptoms of Oral Cancer include the following:

What’s Oral Cancer Screening? Is This Important?

In most clinics, oral cancer screening is almost always included in every checkup. It only takes a few minutes of your stay. A quick inspection will be performed. This inspection usually follows a series of visualizations starting from your cheeks, lips, throat, palate, and the area under your tongue.

Oral cancer screenings also include checking for any appearance of bumps, lumps, or tender areas. In the presence of suspicious findings, you will be requested to revisit the clinic in 10-14 days for further evaluation. There are also instances when we need to refer you to another specialist.

These screenings provide you with early detection, which plays a crucial role in diagnosing suspected oral cancers. Also, not all suspected cases turn out to be cancers. Other diseases have almost similar symptoms, but most of them are benign.

For the sake of early detection, oral screenings can tremendously impact your oral health. Having a maximum of two non-invasive oral screenings per year will give you the peace of mind you deserve regarding oral health. Screenings are the best chance for you to detect something suspicious and treat it right away. Early detection may also result in better treatment outcomes.

The following are common signs of oral cancer that you must watch out for in every screening:

If you feel a bit concerned about your oral health, do not hesitate to send us a message and contact us to schedule your checkup. Each visit is equivalent to a fruitful year added to your lifetime. Also, after every visit, you will get to show the world a healthier smile.
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