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Summer With Braces: The Survival Guide

Braces do so much more than straighten and strengthen your teeth. It can enhance your smile, support your dental health, and boost your confidence. With all of its benefits, there is no reason for you not to enjoy your braces all season, especially this summer.

Whether on the beach, having an exciting adventure, or just relaxing in your backyard, you can still make the most of the heat even when wearing your braces. The key to surviving summer with your orthodontics is to think ahead and make sure that your treatment won’t be disrupted.

Sometimes a few issues crop up unexpectedly when you are out and about. From mouth irritations, protruding wires, and loose brackets, there are minor inconveniences that can quickly turn your fun summer into a nightmare. However, these issues can be fixed easily with proper dental care and some household kits.

Here’s a comprehensive guide and a few tips to keep your dental health in good shape while living your best life with your summer braces:

Braces Care Routine This Summer

Nothing beats the feeling of summer. Everything seems to slow down when the sun shines brightly all season. For this reason, it can be challenging to maintain a dental routine, especially with a jam-packed schedule and, not to mention, all the delicious sweets.

This is especially true when it comes to taking care of your orthodontics. Before heading out on your planned adventures, it is extra important to care for your braces wherever you go. Here’s a short guide to braces this warm season:

1. Watch What You Eat

Summer is full of ice creams, barbecues, and other tempting treats. However, some foods can damage your summer braces, so it is best to avoid them. Braces can be particularly sensitive to crunchy and chewy foods like steak, popcorn, apples, and corn on the cob. Always remember to make smart food choices for your orthodontics.

2. Protect Your Mouth

Many people enjoy sports in the summer, from training camps, playing in a seasonal league, or indulging in low-impact sports like soccer. Getting a mouth guard to protect your summer orthodontics is always a smart idea as they can be prone to damage and repair when doing extreme activities.

3. Keep Your Routine in Mind

Summer is the best time to rest and unwind, so sometimes, it can be easier to fall out of your routines. Remember that oral care is one of the most essential routines you must keep up with. Braces care includes brushing your teeth after each meal, flossing, and attending your appointments.

4. Avoid Sweets

Summer is full of treats like ice cream, popsicles, and candy. While you don’t need to avoid any of this, it is best to minimize consuming them for your dental health. Too many sweets can lead to tooth decay and cavities, and braces can make it more challenging to treat them.

Although it may seem like a huge sacrifice, remember they will all pay off once your braces are removed and reveal your new, beautiful smile.

Braces Survival Kit This Summer

Maintaining your orthodontic treatment plan throughout the summer doesn’t have to be complicated. You can still enjoy your favorite activities while taking care of your oral health by having your braces survival kit with you. Here are some basics to keep close, whether you are in your home or traveling:

1. Picks for Flossing

You’re probably familiar with the portable, practical, and handy floss pick. It can be used to remove food debris between brackets or over wires. Floss pick is a must-have for your summer orthodontics.

2. Disposable Mini Toothbrush

You don’t have to avoid the delicious barbecue grill or scoop of ice cream during this warm season. Just make sure always to brush your teeth afterward. As such, having a disposable toothbrush with you is always handy when cleaning your braces and teeth on the go. Disposable toothbrushes can be carried easily in your bag, just like other items.

3. Orthodontic Wax

Summer braces still need to be adjusted and tightened regularly. After an appointment, many patients often experience discomfort and irritation on the gums, cheeks, or lips from newly adjusted brackets and wires.

Orthodontic wax, made of medical-grade Paraffin, can be used to coat wires and brackets and relieve you from irritation and discomfort. If you want to make the most of your day, always bring an orthodontic wax with you.

4. Sports Mouth Guard

Enjoying summer sometimes means playing beach volleyball or Frisbee-golf at the park. A sports mouth guard is essential to ensure protection if you are wearing your braces.

Most mouth guards are made of medical-grade silicone and are specifically designed to provide comfort. They come in various colors, so make sure to find one compatible with your braces. For sanitary purposes, always keep your mouth guard in an enclosed case.

5 Best Summer Braces Color Combination

Summer is also the best time to experiment with new things, like combining new colors for your braces. Here are some of the unique braces color combinations to elevate your summer:

1. Dark Pink, Neon Green, and Black

Watermelon is a summer treat that’s refreshing and sweet. You can show your love for this summer staple by wearing colored braces. Ask your dentist for braces elastics in dark pink or neon green. For the seeds, you can also add black.

2. Gold or Yellow and Aqua

Everyone knows that summer is the best time to go to the beach. Opting for summer braces colors inspired by the beach is one way to brighten your smile. To mimic the sand and sparkling water, try choosing elastics in gold or yellow, and aqua.

3. Teal, Light Blue, and Dark Blue

One of the most enjoyable parts of summer is lounging by the pool during the hot days. To mimic the sparkling water of the pool, try a color combination of light and dark blue and teal.

4. Bright Blue, Pink, or Purple

If you love the bright colors of the summer sky, you can opt for elastics in colors that mimic the sunny summer and wildflowers in bloom. The best colors for this choice are bright blue and purple.

5. Red, Orange, and Yellow

A camp-out while being surrounded by nature is the best way to celebrate summer. You can reminisce the warm glow of a bonfire by choosing braces colors, such as bright red, orange, and yellow.

6. Red, Blue, and Orange

Summer is made even more enjoyable with fresh and juicy fruits. You can dress up your braces in the colors of blueberries, strawberries, and peaches. Bright red, dark blue, and light orange are all great options for your summer braces colors.

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Dr. Abdullah M. Allawnha

Dr. Abdullah M. Allawnha

Dr. Allawnha, born in New Orleans and raised in Windsor, Canada, earned a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of Windsor. He worked as an ER nurse in Detroit, Michigan, before moving to Morgantown, West Virginia, to become a dentist. He completed his Doctorate of Dental Surgery (DDS) degree from West Virginia University School of Dentistry while still working as a nurse until he graduated.

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