Tips to Enjoy Valentine's Day Treats Without Hurting Your Teeth

Tips to Enjoy Valentine’s Day Treats Without Hurting Your Teeth

On Valentine’s Day, you’ll be offered a variety of tempting treats.

It is impossible to end the day without enjoying a few candies and chocolates. Before you indulge yourself in all the sweet delights, pause and think about how much sugar is in these Valentine’s Day treats.

If you’re a big fan of Saint Valentine, there’s no need to miss out on all the sweets available on the most romantic day of the year. There are things you can do to protect your teeth from cavities and still enjoy all the treats you can get on hearts day.

Valentine Treats That Hurt Your Teeth

As much as you want to eat all the Valentine’s Day treats you received, some are not good for your teeth. Here are a few:

1. Sour Candies

Sour candies are absolute favorites among teens and adults. The initial sour taste that tickles our tastebuds immediately turns into giddy sweetness. Although this is one of the best Valentine treats, they’re not good for your teeth.

Sour candies are high in acid. If you have to have something sour on V-Day, opt for powdered sour candy instead. They dissolve quickly thus, minimizing the exposure of your teeth to acid.

Before you brush your teeth, wait for 30 minutes after eating candies. Do not brush your teeth immediately as acids can soften tooth enamel.

2. Chewy Candies

Chewy or sticky candies are some of the worst Valentine treats one can have. These include dried fruits, chocolates with caramel, and more. They adhere longer to the crevices of your teeth. Thus, more difficult to remove. They will allow more bacteria to feast on the sugar and multiply.

3. Hard Candies

Hard candies are slow dissolving Valentine’s Day treats and may cause a dental emergency, such as a broken or chipped tooth. They will also stay longer in your mouth, increasing the likelihood of tooth decay.

4. Caramel Popcorn

As much as you’d love to munch on some caramel popcorn for Valentine’s movie night, it’s not good for your teeth. Aside from the sweetness of the caramel, it can get wedged in between your teeth and leave space for bacteria to grow. Refrain from chewing on popcorn kernels as well. Popcorn kernels are hard and may crack, chip, or break your teeth.

5. Sugary and Alcoholic Drinks

Avoid alcoholic drinks that are high in sugar. Alcohol affects how much saliva our mouths can produce.

Red and dry white wines are the best Valentine’s Day treats. To save your teeth, avoid mixed drinks and margaritas.

Healthy Valentine’s Treats Your Teeth Will Love

Of course, there’s no need to completely cut off sweets on hearts day. Here are some healthy Valentine’s Day treats you can eat without hurting your pearly whites:

1. Cheese and Whole-grain Crackers

There are a lot of sweet Valentine’s treats, so it is good to have something non-sugary to balance the sweetness.

Whole-grain crackers and cheese slices are a perfect combination. On top of that, certain types of cheese like brie and cheddar are good for fighting dental caries.

2. Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolates make for the perfect Valentine’s treats. They are better than milk or white chocolates. They have lesser sugar content, but they’re also rich in antioxidants.

3. Sugar-free Candy

Sugar-free candies are teeth-friendly Valentine’s Day treats. Luckily, there are many sugar-free goodies available. Even though they have no sugar content, it doesn’t mean that they wouldn’t be as scrumptious as regular sweet treats.

4. Fruit

Fruits that are not dried are healthy Valentine’s treats. Unlike dried fruits, they don’t cling to your teeth.

And just because you’re keeping it healthy, it doesn’t mean your options are limited. Here are some creative ways to level up healthy sweet treats for Valentine’s Day:

Avocado Truffles

Avocado truffles are one of the healthy Valentine’s Day treats you can eat on V-Day. Instead of making traditional truffles, use avocado as an alternative.

To make this, combine avocados, melted dark chocolate, cocoa powder, cinnamon, and vanilla extract. Roll them into balls, then refrigerate.

Chocolate-dipped Banana Bites

Bananas aren’t just for breakfast. They’re perfect for desserts too. All you have to do is melt dark chocolate and mix one tablespoon of coconut oil. Then, get to dipping. Put them on a baking sheet and freeze.

Yogurt-Covered Strawberries

You already know that fruit slices are great V-Day treats substitutes. However, there’s a way to make them even better. All you need for this is yogurt with low or no sugar content and fresh strawberries.

Dip the strawberries in the yogurt. Put them in the fridge for a few hours. Enjoy these tasty little treats while watching a movie with your loved ones.

Healthy Sugar Cookies

There’s no need to abstain from cookies. This is one of the best Valentine’s treats you can gift to yourself and others. Tweak your go-to recipe a little and you can definitely enjoy cookies without the guilt.

For healthier alternatives, use almond flour, powdered xylitol, water, coconut oil, and water.

Combine all of these ingredients and make the perfect cookie size. Enjoy these treats without damaging your pearly whites.

Watermelon Heart-Shaped Popsicles

Prepare watermelon slices, popsicle sticks, and a heart-shaped cookie cutter. These healthy Valentine’s treats are rich in vitamin C and guaranteed to satisfy your cravings.

Once you’ve cut out as many heart-shaped watermelons, insert the popsicle sticks at the bottom of each watermelon. Put them in a lined baking sheet and freeze. You can also do this with pineapples, kiwis, and apples.

Chocolate-filled Raspberries

Not all non-candy Valentine’s Day treats are boring. There’s one way to spice up your usual raspberries. Prepare mini dark chocolate chips and put them in the middle of the raspberries. Delicious, right?

Tips to Protect Teeth From Valentine Treats

Here at Century Dental, we’ve got you and your teeth. Aside from avoiding hard candies, milk or white chocolates, and sugary drinks, here are additional tips to protect your teeth on Valentine’s day.

1. Practice good oral hygiene.

Good dental hygiene is essential for healthy teeth and mouth, and not only during the holidays. However, as there is sugary goodness everywhere on V-Day, this is not the day to skip brushing and flossing. Gargling water after every meal is also good practice to remove any food debris stuck between your teeth.

2. Drink plenty of water.

Fluoride found in water can help strengthen tooth enamel. Drinking water after you indulge in Valentine’s Day treats can help protect your teeth from decay. Water also helps dislodge candy debris and wash down the bacteria in your teeth and gums.

3. Keep your dental restorations in mind.

Before you eat any Valentine’s Day treats, think about your dental crowns, dentures, bridges, fillings, or dental braces. One wrong bite can crack, pull, or damage your dental restorations.

4. Schedule an appointment with your dentist.

Once the romantic holiday is over, schedule an appointment with your dentist. Having a professional check your teeth will prevent you from worrying about cavities or tooth decay due to Valentine treats.

Century Dental Has You Covered

After satisfying your cravings, schedule an appointment with your dentist in South Pasadena, FL.

Century Dental caters to teens and adults. Entrust your dental health to us. You’re in good hands!

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