6 Times You'll Need Emergency Dental Care

6 Times You’ll Need Emergency Dental Care

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Emergencies can happen at any time — the same is true for dental emergencies.

It can be difficult to decide what constitutes an emergency. Some would need immediate dental care, while others take more time. It also helps if you know how to deal with the discomfort and pain at home until you visit your dentist.

Recognizing what an emergency is, its symptoms, and its severity will help you decide if you should see your dentist or visit the local emergency room.

Here is a simple guide about dental emergencies and some common signs that you need to visit your dentist immediately.

What Is a Dental Emergency?

Dental emergencies are far from routine. They are usually immediately noticeable, such as bleeding, lacerations to the gums, knocked out, or fractured teeth. Given the severe pain, discomfort, and trauma it causes to the mouth, these dental concerns call for immediate emergency dental care services.

Dental concerns like chipped veneers or broken appliances may be inconvenient, but they are not emergencies.

Signs You Need Emergency Dental Care

1. Broken or Lost Tooth

A lot of us chip our teeth and do not seek emergency dental care immediately. It might not be painful, but that small crack can cause unseen damage and affect your teeth’ integrity.

The same is true for lost teeth. Depending on its location, it can cause problems in speaking or chewing. Losing a tooth might cause your remaining teeth to shift because of the space it has left and create hard-to-reach areas where cavity-causing bacteria can hide.

If your teeth fall out or get knocked out, seek dental care immediately.

2. Bleeding Gums

Bleeding, aching, and swollen gums accompanied by a weird smell when brushing or flossing might be a warning sign of more significant issues like gingivitis.

Early treatment of gum disease is essential. Don’t wait too long before visiting a dentist; you might not be able to return your teeth to a healthy state if you do. By seeing your dentist immediately, you’ll get emergency dental care that can save your smile effectively.

3. Missing Filling or Crown

Losing a crown or filling might seem like a mere inconvenience to some patients, but it’s one of the leading dental emergencies that require immediate treatment.

Dental fillings and crowns reinforce your teeth against tooth decay and protect the deeper layers of your teeth. However, they don’t last forever. The constant pressure from grinding and chewing and the bacteria working their way underneath wear these restorations down until they fail or fall off.

Losing a crown or filling will make your teeth vulnerable to pain, decay, and loss. Prevent this from happening by visiting your dentist immediately.

4. Dental abscess

A dental abscess is a painful condition where pus has collected inside the teeth, gums, or bone that holds your teeth. A bacterial infection from an untreated cavity or severe gum disease is the most common cause of this dental condition.

If you feel intense throbbing pain from the affected tooth, swelling and redness in the face, sensitivity to hot or cold, or pain that spreads from the affected tooth to the ears, jaw, and neck, seek help from a dentist. If left untreated, the infection can spread to your body. You might develop a fever and, in some cases, experience difficulty in breathing and swallowing.

5. Nerve Pain

The nerves and other sensitive parts of your teeth are exposed when your gums recede due to constant irritation from cavities, cracked teeth, tobacco use, teeth grinding, and poor dental hygiene.

The pain felt can be excruciating and uncomfortable. Brushing more gently may help alleviate the pain, but as long as you know that it’s a dentist you should go to for emergency dental care, you’ll find relief in no time.

6. Swollen Jaw or Neck

There are a lot of dental problems that cause swelling in your mouth, like erupting wisdom teeth, gingivitis, abscessed teeth, mouth sores, and periodontal disease.

Swelling is a major sign of infection, which can be potentially life-threatening. It can be present in your face, gums, and even your lymph nodes. If left untreated, the infection can travel to your bloodstream and cause serious health problems. If you experience a fever or problems with swallowing or breathing, seek emergency dental care immediately.

Find Emergency Dental Care Near You

Seek immediate dental care for any signs of an emergency.

When it comes to dental emergencies, there’s no time to waste. If you don’t know where to go for emergency dental care, go to Century Dental. Our team of dentists in Treasure Island, FL, will be ready to help and provide immediate dental care. For inquiries, contact us today!

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